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This display shows career details for players who have played for AFC Darwen at some point in their career and who have been featured on at least one football card. We'll be expanding the collection over time. Whilst this is only a small selection, it does tend to include the more famous players to have represented the club.

Click on a player's name to see their full career record or the card to see other cards in that set.

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Tom Brindle
1870 - 1880
2 caps

Edgar Chadwick
1906 - 1908
7 caps

Jack Dewhurst
1898 - 1898

Albert Geldard
1946 - 1946
4 caps

Tommy Johnson
1936 - 1939
5 caps

Matt Kingsley
1895 - 1898
1 cap

Thomas Marshall
1878 - 1886
2 caps

Albert Pape
1928 - 1929

Joe Smith
1929 - 1930
5 caps

Ray Westwood
1948 - 1950
6 caps

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