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DC Thomson
"Famous British Footballers (England)" (1921)
By Card
This display shows the fronts of every card in this set currently loaded to the Museum.
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Card number 1.

Frank Barson
Aston Villa

Card number 2.

Charlie Buchan

Card number 3.

Sam Chedgzoy

Card number 4.

Jimmy Dimmock
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 5.

Bob Kelly

Card number 6.

Jock Marshall

Card number 7.

George Wilson
The Wednesday

Card number 8.

Max Woosnam
Manchester City

Card number 9.

Percy Barton
Birmingham City

Card number 10.

Warney Cresswell

Card number 11.

Fred Keenor
Cardiff City

Card number 12.

Peter Mooney
Newcastle United

Card number 13.

Frank Reilly
Blackburn Rovers

Card number 14.

Jimmy Seed
Tottenham Hotspur

Card number 15.

Stan Seymour
Newcastle United

Card number 16.

Jack Silcock
Manchester United

Card number 17.

Billy Smith
Huddersfield Town

Card number 18.

Andy Wilson

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